Don’t forget to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day. This DIY pamper session will soothe your body, mind and skin!

Whether you are coupled up or flying solo, Valentine’s Day is about love. And that includes self-love, too!

One way to practice some much-needed self-care is by indulging in a pamper session for your skin. Here are four ways to DIY it this Valentine’s Day for a relaxing night in.


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Treat yourself to a warm bath

Add a nourishing aromatherapy oil that can add moisture to your skin while helping you unwind. Make sure that the temperature isn’t too hot as this can disrupt your skin barrier. Light some scented candles, add a soothing soundtrack and a glass of wine and you’re all set!

Seal in moisture with lotion

As soon as you step out of the tub, pat yourself dry and massage your body lotion or balm into your skin while it’s still damp. This way, it helps to seal in moisture to keep your skin soft and supple for longer. Take your time applying it, massaging your muscles as you go.

Layer on a luxe face mask

While face masks aren’t a necessity when it comes to skincare, they are nice to use as an occasional treat or as part of a self-care routine. Some of them do contain ingredients that target specific skin concerns. Apply one and then kick back and relax, allowing the mask to work its magic.

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Try some relaxing facial tools

There are many benefits to giving yourself a facial massage. Not only is it relaxing but it can boost your circulation and make your skin appear firmer and more radiant. Apply your favourite facial oil to assist the jade roller or gua sha board to glide easily.

Give the gift of good skin to yourself or a loved one this Valentine’s Day! Click here for our list of cosmetic treatments that will give your complexion a healthy glow.