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How Can I Reduce the Visibility of a C-Section Scar?

You’ve had a baby, congratulations! While motherhood comes with enormous perks and rewards, some of the permanent markings left on our bodies after pregnancy can get you down. Firstly, if you have a c-section scar, you should see it as...

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5 Ways to Lengthen Your Eyelashes

We’ve all been there - seeing someone with thick, full lashes and feeling a pang of jealousy that we didn’t win that particular genetic lottery. But with the help of cosmetics and cosmetic dermatology, you don’t have to be stuck...

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Advantages of Chemical Peels Over Laser Treatments

Ever wish you could hit the refresh button on your skin? Many of us consider clinical treatments, designed to do just that. In fact, in 2017, almost 1.4 million chemical peels were performed in the US. When over-the-counter products fall...

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How Different Weather Affects Your Complexion

There’s no doubt that the weather can have a direct impact on your skin. How it affects you personally is dependent on many factors, including your genetic makeup, skin type and level of sun exposure. For many, skin tends to...

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Hormonally-Induced Acne – A Post by Dr. Michael Krathen (Dermatologist in Natick and Waltham)

As many of us are aware, acne is very common and presents in various subtypes. Hormonally induced acne, one of the more common subtypes of acne, is, unfortunately, both under-recognized and under-treated. Generally, hormonally induced acne is characterized by deeper sometimes tender pimples occurring on the jawline,...

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How to Treat A Sunburn – A Post from Dr. Krathen (Dermatologist in Natick and Waltham)

Alas, you didn't heed the dermatologist's advice to wear sun-protective clothing, seek out shade, reapply sunscreen and/or limit your exposure to prolonged direct sunlight. Or you got caught by surprise because it was not sunny out and you didn't think...

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Dr. Raynham Tips

Compression Stocking Favorites My preferences change with the season, and also depending on the severity of leg swelling. 1ST WINTER CHOICE: BUY SOCKWELL KNEE HIGH SOCKS. Sockwell men's knee high compression socks 15-20 mmhg. I recommend a L or XL...

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What to Expect With a Breast Reconstruction

After a mastectomy or lumpectomy, which are generally used to treat breast cancer, reconstructive surgery will be recommended to reshape the breast to match the shape it once had. Types of Breast Reconstructive Surgery The two most commonly used surgeries...

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Top Reasons Women Seek A Breast Lift

Most women think of breast augmentation when they think about breast surgery, but Mastopexy, or a breast lift, is now increasingly sought by women. In fact, in the last 16 years requests for a breast lift cosmetic procedure have increased...

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