The practice of facial massage is becoming more and more popular. Here’s what they are and how to do one at home.

There are few things in life more relaxing than a massage. And it’s not just our backs, shoulders and feet that can benefit from rub-down. The practice of facial massage is an old one that has, in recent years, seen a renewed interest. Most people use tools, such as jade rollers and gua sha boards – both with roots in ancient China – to aid in this ritual.

Celebrities, including Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr and Courteney Cox are all fans of these old-school tools and believe in the skincare benefits of a regular facial massage. But are these fun gadgets, and the massaging of the skin on the face, worth the hype?

Facial massage: The benefits

While some people may claim that their face is firmer and the skin more toned after a massage, this is not the case, at least not long-term. What facial massage can do, however, is aid in the absorption of facial oils and serums, help with lymphatic drainage and boost your circulation to make skin radiant. Massaging tools like jade rollers are also widely used to de-puff tired eyes.

Facial massage can also be incorporated into your self-care ritual, as it forces you to take some time out to do something that relaxes your mind while benefitting your skin.

How to do it

Massaging the skin on your face can be done using your (clean and sanitized) fingers or (equally clean and sanitized) gadgets, such as rollers and gua sha boards. You will also need to apply a facial oil or serum from your routine so that your tool of choice glides without tugging at the skin.



To get rid of pesky undereye bags, massage from the side of your nose along your cheekbone up into the corners of your eyes.




Massage starting from the outer corners of your mouth upward towards your ear along your jawbone. This can help to relieve muscle tension in this area.






Many people neglect their necks, so this is a good opportunity to give them some love! Massage in an upward direction to encourage lymphatic drainage.


TIP Make sure that you clean any skincare tools with warm soap and water and follow up with a disinfectant wipe. This will ensure that it’s clean for each use and won’t transfer any bacteria onto your skin.