While pimples may appear on the outside, the impact they can have is more than skin deep. Here’s how acne can affect your mental health.

Going through periods of stress can result in more breakouts than usual. But acne can also be the cause of major distress. This is something that many people are familiar with since it’s estimated that around 40 to 50 million Americans struggle with this inflammatory condition to varying degrees.

Fighting the stigma

Despite us knowing that zits are not a result of poor hygiene and that they can’t be helped, there is still a stigma surrounding this common issue. Many people try to get rid of them, which is evident from the almost 9.5 million posts on Instagram with the hashtag #acne. This can cause patients to experience feelings of discomfort and self-consciousness and have a serious impact on their mental health.

Sadly, the numbers confirm this. Numerous studies have revealed that people with acne can also struggle with mental conditions. This ranges from poor self-image to depression and anxiety, as a result of their skin. One by The British Journal of Dermatology found that people diagnosed with acne had a 63% increased risk of developing depression.

On top of this, acne isn’t always easy to treat as the factors behind them are varied. They range from hormones to certain drugs to our diets and our stress levels. In some cases, topical treatments will be enough to keep pimples at bay. In others, such as when the zits are hormone-related, oral medication might be necessary to keep the skin clear.

Loving our flaws

There is a lot of pressure put on the way we look and many feel they need to conform to fit in. There are also the impossible beauty standards we are always trying to live up to. ‘Clear skin’ is seen as the ideal. But, slowly but surely, the conversation around acne is starting to change.



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The skin positivity movement and the rise of skin positivity influencers are starting to make waves in the beauty industry as we move towards a more natural, attainable aesthetic. They are here to remind us that real skin isn’t perfect. Rather, that healthy skin, and not clear skin, should be the ultimate goal.

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