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The gold standard for treating skin cancer

Mohs Surgery is one of the most advanced and effective ways of removing skin cancers with a low risk of recurrence. If you are interested, we can perform this procedure for you at our Arlington office, our Chelmsford office, and our Natick office.

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What is Mohs Micrographic Surgery?

Mohs Surgery, otherwise known as Mohs Micrographic Surgery, is the most advanced, precise, and effective technique for treating the two most common forms of skin cancer: basal cell carcinomas (BCCs) and squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs). In this state-of-the-art procedure, the dermatologist is trained to serve as the surgeon, the pathologist, and the reconstructive surgeon simultaneously. Moreover, using this technique to treat skin cancer has a unique benefit that is not possible with other treatment types – during surgery, the dermatologist has the ability to see precisely where the cancer ends. Mohs Surgery therefore offers the highest potential for recovery, even if the skin cancer has been previously treated, and an entire tumor can be identified and safely removed while preserving the surrounding, healthy tissue in an outpatient office setting.

What are the Advantages of Mohs Surgery?

The unique ability to locate exactly where the cancer stops gives the Mohs procedure two important advantages: the highest cure rate of all treatments for skin cancer (up to 99 percent even when other forms of treatment have failed), and the ability to preserve as much healthy tissue as possible. This is especially important in areas with very little tissue beneath such as the eyelids or hands. Furthermore, Mohs Surgery, the most exact and precise method of skin cancer removal, also minimizes the chance of regrowth and lessens the potential for scarring or disfigurement.

Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery provides several additional advantages for people with skin cancer – this procedure maximizes the functional and the cosmetic outcomes resulting from surgery, it can be safely performed in a medical office or surgical suite (in most cases), and it also minimizes the risk of recurrence. Therefore, Mohs Surgery reduces and frequently eliminates the costs of larger, more serious surgeries for recurrent skin cancers. This means that it is not only an efficient procedure, but it is also a cost-effective one.

To summarize, Mohs Surgery provides the following advantages for people with skin cancer:

  • Ensures complete cancer removal during surgery and provides the highest success rates compared to other treatments.
  • Preserves the surrounding healthy tissue.
  • Maximizes the functional and cosmetic outcomes resulting from surgery.
  • Removes skin cancer, and provides the confirmation of negative margins and the repairing of the site of cancer in the same appointment (i.e. the Mohs procedure is a single-visit outpatient surgery, in most cases, and lab work is done on-site).
  • Minimizes the risk of recurrence and therefore reduces and frequently eliminates the costs of larger, more serious surgeries for recurrent skin cancers.
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