Telehealth visits are available for patients of Dermcare Physicians and Surgeons

Telehealth include appointments related to acne,rashes, fungal infections, surgery consults, nail deformities, lesions of concern, cysts and warts.

If you’re interested in scheduling a telehealth visit, please call our office to schedule the appointment at (781) 431-0060. The office will also be able to let you know if a virtual visit is appropriate and offer further guidance on the process.

To Schedule a telehealth virtual visit please complete the steps below:

Step 1 Schedule your Virtual Visit. If you do not have an appointment scheduled at this time, you must request to schedule a Virtual Visit by contacting our office at (781) 431-0060.

Step 2 Enroll in Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway Portal. Please contact Mass General Brigham Patient Gateway if you have any questions at 1-800-745-9683.

Step 3 Download and install the ‘Zoom Cloud Meeting’ video application, setup and test your device.

  • Computer: Please download the Zoom App to your computer.
  • Mobile/Tablet: View our Zoom Mobile Setup Guide.
  • Please disable popup blockers.
  • You do not need to create a Zoom account.
  • Visit the Zoom test website to make sure audio and video work well on your device.

Step 4 Enroll Here, a login link will be emailed to you.

Download the Patient Gateway app and log in, Android or IOS. If you plan to use a Windows or Mac computer, please visit the Patient Gateway and login.

Step 5 Access your virtual visit appointment on Patient Gateway Portal.

  • When you log in to the Patient Gateway website, click on “Visits” and then “Appointments and Visits” on the drop-down menu, or on the mobile app click on “Appointments”. Then click “Begin Virtual Visit”.
  • You will then see the message: “Please wait for the host to start the meeting” and there will be a blue spinning circle. Seeing this means you are waiting for your provider to start the visit. Leave this window open. Once your provider starts the visit, you will enter the virtual “waiting room”. This “waiting room” prevents unwanted visitors from joining your visit. Your provider will then bring you into the visit from the waiting room. When your provider brings you into the visit, click on the message “Join with Computer Audio” on your computer, or “Call using Internet Audio” on your smartphone to complete the connection.
  • Please be patient if your provider is running late and do not close out of the visit. Clinic timing can be unpredictable, despite their strong efforts to remain on time. If your provider does not start the visit within 20 minutes of your scheduled appointment time, please call their office.
  • If you get disconnected from your visit, re-click on ‘Begin Virtual Visit’ button and you will be connected to your provider again. If this does not work, please reach to your provider’s office.



Please view the following videos on how to do this from either your computer or smart phone:




The first step in telehealth is signing up for the MASS GENERAL BRIGHAM (formerly partners) Patient gateway portal. Please refer to the information and videos attached for guidance. Any additional questions regarding the Zoom appointment can be answered prior to your virtual visit.
Please confirm if a referral is needed by contacting your Primary Care Physician.
The cost of a telehealth visit without insurance (self-pay) is $100
Most Massachusetts health insurance companies are covering telehealth visits.  Please confirm with your insurance regarding their coverage policies, however subject to change it appears that the following insurance companies cover telehealth: BCBS Massachusetts Tufts Health Plan Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Aetna Allways health Medicare and all medicare advantage plans United only covers patients who are existing patients in our dermatology office. Cigna does not cover telehealth visits from providers in our office. Please contact your insurance company for more coverage details.
Acne Rosacea New growth or sore Rash Hair loss A skin condition that is not healing Some skin infections
You will need a smart phone
We take your health very seriously. Whenever we make a decision to treat our patients, we have to weigh up the risks of treatment (risk of exposure to Covid 19 if we leave our homes) vs the benefit of treatment (removal of cancer or mole). We also have to consider the risk of delaying treatment, and whether the skin cancer or mole is expected to change and or grow in the next few months. Please call our office and ask to talk to our triage nurse.
We take your health very seriously. Whenever we make a decision to treat our patients, we have to weigh up the risks of any treatment vs the benefits of treatments. Currently, there is a risk of Covid-19 infection, and that risk can be increased by leaving one’s home. We have to weigh the risk of delaying treatment vs the risk of exposure to Covid-19. This can be a gray area, and every patient is unique. Please call our office and ask to speak with our triage nurse.