Guilty of crashing after a long night still covered in cosmetics? Here’s what sleeping with makeup on can do to your skin. And it ain’t pretty!

The party season is *almost* here, which means festive functions and end-of-year celebrations. And you will probably end up arriving home after one feeling bleary-eyed and as though you may have overdone it *just a smidge*. But if the thought of passing out on someone’s couch isn’t undignifying enough, the damage of going to sleep without removing your makeup could be even worse. At least as far as your complexion is concerned.


Think that hitting the hay covered in cosmetics can’t really be that bad? Think again! Here are five unpleasant things that happen to your skin if you sleep with your makeup on. Because when you know better, you do better!

  • It makes your skin dry. Many of the makeup products we use can be drying even as we wear them, from matte-finish foundation to long-wear lipstick. Leaving them on overnight can suck even more moisture from your skin and also interfere with your skin’s hydration levels.
  • It often causes breakouts. We know that not washing the daily grime from our skin can result in acne. This is worse if you sleep with makeup on as it traps even more pollutants. It also forms a barrier that disrupts regular skin cell turnover, which can lead to congested skin and pimples.
  • Your eyes can become irritated. Leaving your eye makeup on is never a good idea. It can leave the eyes, as well as the surrounding skin, inflamed and irritated, and can even, in severe cases, lead to infection. Eyelashes are also more prone to breakage when you sleep wearing mascara.
  • It may result in clogged pores. When you don’t remove your makeup before you go to bed it can become embedded in your pores and clog them. If this happens on a regular basis, your pores can actually stretch, making them more visible. Blocked pores also contribute to the likelihood of experiencing a breakout.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles may develop. The environmental pollutants that become trapped in makeup can result in more free radical damage to your skin. Over time, this can lead to an increase in the degradation of collagen and cause fine lines and wrinkles to develop prematurely.