If you have mature skin and wrinkles, is there any point in getting Botox? Is there a cut-off point? Here’s what you need to know.

These days, more people are aware of the benefits of Botox. In fact, between four and five million Americans use it, according to recent data. The substance – also known as Botulinum toxin – acts by temporarily paralyzing the facial muscles. This can prevent expressions lines from becoming permanent wrinkles (or at least assist in delaying their onset). It’s for this reason that many dermatologists and aestheticians advise people to receive this treatment before they start noticing fine lines.

But what if you fall into the mature age group, and haven’t had Botox before? Does this mean it’s too late? Not at all! But it does mean you’ll have to manage your expectations. You will also have to be picky when choosing your provider!

Is it ever too late for Botox?

The good news is that, in most cases, you can safely use Botox – even as a first-timer – over the age of 60. But your provider needs to be comfortable working across age groups because the approach needs to be different.

Certain things need to be taken into consideration. These include whether there has been any age-related muscle weakening, anatomy changes, or drooping eyelids. This means that there is also a slightly increased risk for unpredictability when it comes to results. Risk can be averted by starting low and slow when it comes to how many units are injected.

When it comes to your expectations, it won’t perform miracles! What it will do, however, is soften expression lines. This is why dermatologists recommend people start getting Botox treatments younger rather than waiting until their wrinkles are deep and fully developed as this can delay their onset for smoother skin.

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