Discovering new hair sprouting from your ears, eyebrows, and nostrils? It’s time for a men’s grooming regimen! Here’s what you can do to tame them, with no damage (and minimal pain!).

It’s always been thought that, when it comes to aging, men have it easier than their female counterparts. In many ways, they do thanks to their slower decline in hormones and often oilier skin type. But one department where they tend to struggle is when it comes to proper men’s grooming. Because often what they lose up top starts sprouting elsewhere!


Estrogen levels naturally start to taper off as a male ages. At the same time, their testosterone continues to rise. This combination triggers hair follicles in certain areas of the body to grow thick, coarse hairs. These include the ears, nose, and eyebrows.

Fortunately, men’s grooming products, tools, and techniques have come a long way. This market is expected to grow by 6.4% by 2031, with its current worth sitting at around $55.5 billion. There are now ways to keep your hairs under control that is *significantly* less painstaking and painful than in years past.

Here’s your guide to men’s grooming and how to tame your hairs without causing them to become ingrown <embed link:> or doing damaging your skin. Better safe than sorry!


It’s not a good idea to try and remove every hair – it’s about trimming and reducing instead. This is why waxing isn’t the best idea and can damage the delicate skin lining the nostrils. And plucking every hair would be an eyewatering experience!

There are tons of tools these days that are designed to whack the weeds out of your nose easily and with less pain and potential to cause harm than the aforementioned methods.


Getting grizzly about the ears? One removal method that is painful but quick is waxing. This should, however, be done by a professional and not attempted at home with a DIY kit. This can be dangerous and remove more than just the hairs.

Plucking can be used to pull out one or two rogue hairs but this is a long process for a thorough trim. The best option is your nose-hair trimmer, which can be doubled up as an ear trimmer as well.


Eyebrows are the easiest to groom, but it might take some practice! Comb your brows up and out and trim the long, wiry ends off. Any excess hair in between the brows can be either plucked or waxed off.

It might also be useful to invest in some brow grooming products, such as eyebrow gels, that allow you to tame and set your brows in place. These can be washed off with regular facewash at the end of each day.