Don’t let your bald head suffer from UV damage this summer. Here’s how to keep your scalp protected this season.

Many people decide to go smooth and shave their heads. These can be for a number of reasons, ranging from health conditions to pure aesthetics. And, when well maintained, it can look really good!

Sporting a bald head comes with downsides, most of which are related to the elements. In winter, a beanie can help to keep your scalp warm. But in summer, extra care needs to be taken to keep your scalp protected from UV damage.

Care for no hair

Having a bald head comes with many pros. No bad hair days being the main one! But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t some complications when it comes to having a bald style. Some studies have shown that people with bald or thinning hair are at an increased risk of developing certain types of skin cancer. This is because hair acts to shield and provide shade to the scalp. And, unfortunately, melanomas that occur on the scalp are some of the most dangerous and difficult to treat.

So how do you ensure that your scalp suffers little to no UV damage this season? Here are some tips:

Keep your bald head covered

Yes, it might look great when on show, but if you are going to be spending extended periods in the sun, wearing a hat acts as a physical barrier and can be the best form of protection.

Use SPF daily! Yes, even on your bald head

Just as you should be applying – and reapplying – sunscreen to your face throughout the day, you should pay the same attention to your head. Use a formula of SPF 50+.

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Seek out shade

Did you know that sitting under a tree with dense foliage can reduce your UV exposure by up to 75%? Spend sunny days sitting under the trees to prevent burns and keep your skin protected.

Noticed any new moles or spots developing on your scalp? Click here to make an appointment at your nearest Dermcare location for a thorough check so that you have peace of mind.