When it comes to cosmetic injectables, less really can be more! Here’s what ‘tweakments’ are, and why they are so popular.

As a busy professional and a mom, I don’t have much time to prioritize my own looks, which, as a by-product, also affected my general happiness. Despite performing cosmetic procedures on others on a daily basis, I never saw myself as someone who would one day be on the receiving end of the needle. But, I decided to take the plunge and get a few ‘tweakments’.


What are ‘tweakments’?

Sometimes the results of injectables, especially when not administered by a board-certified dermatologist, can be too drastic, resulting in tight skin with an unnatural finished and overly-enlarged lips. ‘Tweakments’ are different in that they are a lot more subtle but can still be transformative. They are becoming increasingly popular, not just to rejuvenate the skin but, if done *before* lines form, it can paralyze the muscles enough to prevent (or, at least, delay) their onset.


My experience


Not one to shy away from any dermatological treatment, I decided to get the works. This included:

  1. Baby Botox (this is a half-dose of Botox, so that I can still make facial expressions)
  2. A  ‘marionette line’ fix (dermatologists recommend adding filler to the cheekbones to lift the face, making it easier to re-evaluate what needs to be done later)
  3. Lip filler (this was to make my lips, which have become thinner, appear more defined).

The procedure took about half an hour. The Botox was not very painful, and I tolerated it well. I was then given some numbing cream for my cheeks before I had the filler. It didn’t feel too painful, just a bit strange and uncomfortable. My lips also had a topical numbing cream applied beforehand, and it wasn’t painful until the end of the treatment.

One day after my ‘tweakments’ I was told I look very good, and at least 10 years younger! My lips felt quite swollen for a few hours after the fillers and the following day. Bruising is normal when it comes to these types of procedure and does fade over time. But you might want to hold off on making any plans to show off your freshened-up face for a few days until the swelling is down and bruises have diminished.

Now, when I look in the mirror, I can see why this trend is so popular, and I suspect that it will become a permanent fixture in the world of cosmetic treatments. Consider me converted!

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