If you are struggling with hair fall and dull strands, you might need to pay more attention to your scalp. Here’s why

Do you pay any attention to your scalp? While most people use shampoo, and many add conditioner or hair masks to their routine as well, we tend to focus on our strands when we are washing our locks. But, in order to have healthy hair, you need to have a healthy scalp, too.

Approximately 35 million men and 21 million women will experience hair loss at some point in their lives (some younger than others). While much of this is due to genetics, some hair loss can be prevented by making sure that your scalp is in tip-top condition. And there’s a reason for that.

Meet the microbiome

We all know about the microbiome in our gut – the colony of microorganisms that live in our intestinal tract. They play an important role in the body by performing functions critical to overall health and wellbeing. When it is out of balance, it can lead to a number of concerns, such as fluctuating weight, stomach issues, fatigue, mood changes and sleep disturbances.

But did you know that our scalps are also home to a microbiome? Just like the one in our stomach, this community of different bacteria work together to keep your skin and hair healthy. If they aren’t in sync, it can lead to problems ranging from itching and flaky skin to androgenetic alopecia. This is why taking care of your scalp goes a long way when it comes to your hair’s overall look and feel.

Scalp health 101

If you are guilty of neglecting your scalp care, it’s time for a much-needed change. Here are four ways to improve your scalp health. Because a happy head of hair starts at the roots!

  1. Just like the skin on your face, your scalp can also benefit from regular exfoliation. Even more so for people who use products that can build up, clog follicles and prevent new growth. There are now various scrubs on the market designed for the scalp, which help to remove buildup and boost circulation.
  2. Head and scalp massages are not only *really* relaxing…


… but are a great form of care as well! They provide a circulation boost to the network of blood vessels in the area. This, in turn, can promote hair growth and vitality, while simultaneously helping you to unwind.

  1. One of the most common problems people experience when it comes to their scalp is dryness and flaky skin. This can be prevented by making sure that you moisturize the area by using deep-conditioning masks. Another tip is to avoid rinsing your hair with hot water, which can strip the natural oils from the scalp.
  2. Modify your hair-washing technique. Make sure that you are using products aimed at your specific hair type or concerns. When washing, use your fingers to massage your shampoo into the scalp in circular motions. This will help to dislodge any debris, making your locks light and bouncy.