Believe it or not, sometimes are better than others when it comes to applying body lotion! Here’s how to use it for optimal results.

Are you keeping the skin on your body well moisturized? Many people spend plenty of time (and money) investing in their faces but neglect the rest of the epidermis. During the colder months, our skin becomes drier, which means that body lotion is even more necessary for it to stay supple and healthy.

But while many people slather it on any time their skin is feeling a bit rough, there are ways to use lotion to unlock its full, moisturizing potential.

Rub it in

Many people are vigilant when it comes to protecting the skin on their faces. This is despite the fact that other areas, such as our necks and hands, are well known to show signs of aging early on. They spend as much time as our faces exposed to the sun, so they should really be receiving just as much attention when it comes to skincare.

While we should be applying body lotion daily, it’s even more crucial in winter. The cold air, indoor heating, and hot showers strip the skin of essential moisture, leaving it more parched than in the balmy summer season. It can also disrupt your skin barrier, which can lead to other concerns, such as rashes and inflammation. To get the best results from a lotion, however, it is best used at certain times. Here are three of them:

  1. After showering

As soon as you step out of a shower or bath, the air starts to pull moisture from the skin. For this reason, it’s advised that you lather up with lotion within five minutes of emerging from the water. This seals it in before it escapes!

  1. After handwashing

We are now more aware than ever before of the importance of handwashing, and have been doing a lot more of it! Each time you do, be sure to apply a rich hand cream to prevent them from drying out.

using lotion on hands

  1. Before bedtime

Did you know that there is an increase in transepidermal water loss while we are asleep? Adding a layer of body lotion before you turn in can help to prevent this (and is a relaxing way to show your skin some love!).