Becoming a gap year intern at Dermcare can stand you in good stead for a career in dermatology. Here’s why you should apply today.

There are plenty of ways to spend a gap year as a recent pre-med graduate. Sure, you could use this time to go on that road trip you’ve always dreamed of or live a life of leisure before the hard work commences once more. Or you could gain invaluable experience, make connections and learn more about the field of dermatology by doing an internship at Dermcare!

Get the most out of your gap year

There are plenty of reasons why taking a gap year before going to medical school is a good idea. It can give you the chance to improve your MCAT score and finish any outstanding prerequisites. It also gives you the time to discover your niche and see what working in the field is really like.

At Dermcare, our gap year interns assist in a host of administrative and clinical tasks. Not only can this hands-on experience give you practical medical knowledge, but it can also help to boost your med-school application. In fact, most successful med-school applicants have had some experience in a healthcare environment. We believe that our program also provides lessons that will prepare our interns for the world of medicine.

Other than loads of learning, what else can you expect from a gap year internship at Dermcare? You will make personal and professional connections with the team and get the chance to learn from your peers. Our friendly staff are eager to pass on their wealth of knowledge to the next generation of dermatologists.

Why Dermcare?

At Dermcare, we strive to put people first. Joining our gap year intern program will give you an in-depth look at the dermatological field. But, you might just end up having tons of fun…


… and making lifelong friends (or, at least, industry acquaintances) in the process!


Want to spend a year as part of the Dermcare family? Click here to apply today.