Hyaluronic acid is a popular skincare ingredient for a good reason. Here’s why this magical molecule deserves a spot in your beauty routine.

Just as our bodies need water to survive and thrive, your skin needs to stay hydrated to look and feel its best. And that’s where hyaluronic acid comes in and changes the beauty game!

It is currently one of the most popular – and most-searched-for skincare ingredients, having gained traction (and an enormous fan base!) over the last few years. This is not just when it came to online hits, either. As of 2020, the global hyaluronic acid market is estimated to be worth around $9 billion. It is also expected to continue its trajectory with an annual growth rate of 8% over the next six years.

But what is it about this hyaluronic acid that has made the skincare community fall in love with it? Here’s how this molecule works, and what it can do for your complexion.

 Say ‘hi’ to hyaluronic acid

It is found in many skin care products and also occurs naturally in the body. Because its role is to keep the neural and connective tissues and eyes lubricated, these are the areas where it is most abundant.

moisture molecule’, hyaluronic acid can hold 1000 times its weight in liquid. This helps to counteract the effects of transepidermal water loss as it aids the skin by retaining necessary moisture levels. The result? Skin that is plump, hydrated, and glowing!

It can generally be used on and benefit all skin types all year around. It is *especially* beneficial to those who suffer from dry, dehydrated skin or those who struggle with dry skin in winter.

How to use it

There’s no better time than right now to add hyaluronic acid to your beauty routine.

It is most commonly purchased and used in a serum formula, but can be found in many other skincare products, ranging from toners to moisturizers and even shampoos!

Hyaluronic acid can be used daily, both morning and evening, according to your skin’s needs. It is most effective when applied to skin that is slightly damp so that it can cling and hold on to the residual moisture, giving your complexion a serious boost of hydration.