Times are stressful, and self-care is more important than ever. Here’s how your skincare regimen can help

Modern life can be stressful. Even without a pandemic, balancing family and work commitments can often leave little to no time for rest and relaxation. But setting aside time each day for self-care is important. It gives you a few minutes to yourself and to switch off from the world and tune into – and develop a healthy relationship with – yourself.

Say ‘yes’ to self-care

There are many ways to practice self-care, from reading to yoga or meditation  –  anything that makes you feel good. But your skin care routine can also fill this role. This is because the simple act of looking after yourself by looking after your skin can be comforting, especially after a long, nerve-racking day. It can also give you a sense of structure when life is unpredictable. Want to turn your skincare routine into a daily soothing session? Here are three ways to unwind while maintaining your complexion:

  1. Incorporate some facial massage

When applying facial oils and serums, rather than rubbing them in the conventional way, try massaging them into your skin. This can be done slowly and using various different techniques. This isn’t just a great way to unwind, but will also boost your skin’s circulation and give you a gorgeous glow.


  1. Do some deep breathing

Rather than rushing through your daily skincare ritual, why not use this alone time to slow it down a notch and practice some mindfulness? Take some long, deep breaths or try to focus on what you are doing rather than the other noise in your head. You can even play a meditation soundtrack in the background to get you in the zone.



Photo by Madison Inouye from Pexels

  1. Start practicing self-love (or, at least, self-acceptance!)

Social media and societal standards make many people feel inferior. And if you don’t have the perfect complexions you see on screen, use your skincare ritual to embrace your face – flaws and all. Remember that celebs rely on the power of makeup and image filters, and that your lines and scars tell a story and make you the unique individual you are.