Close to Natick center, and just over a mile from Wellesley College is where you will find the Dermcare Natick office. Initially known as the Wellesley office, which first opened its doors in 2007, we moved to the current location in 2015 where we could provide care in a larger office space. Our Natick facility is a short 2.5-mile drive from Wellesley town center and lies conveniently on the Wellesley-Natick line.

What we treat

In Natick, we treat all general dermatological concerns and conditions, such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. We also perform Mohs surgery, which has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of removing skin cancer and minimizes your risk of recurrence.

At the Dermcare Natick office, we also offer cosmetic dermatology services including injectables, laser treatments, and chemical peels. In addition, our oculoplastic, reconstructive, and facial cosmetic surgeon, Suzanne K. Freitag, M.D. provides services that include blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

The team

We have a number of dermatologists at this bustling practice. These include Helen Raynham, M.D. , Christine M. Hayes, M.D., Steven Kornbleuth, M.D. ,Reava Khristenko, N.P. and David Rosenthal M.D.


Visit us

Do you or someone in your family need dermatological care and reside in the Natick and metrowest area? The Dermcare team is here to help!

Please note that we are adhering to strict COVID-19 protocols to ensure that your visit to our practice will be as safe as possible. Are you high-risk? Set up a virtual teledermatology appointment with our telehealth provider, Dr. Rosenthal, and get a diagnosis from the comfort and safety of your home.

Get your skin on the road to recovery and radiance by booking an appointment online or giving us a call on 781-431-0060.


Address: 154 East Central Street, 3rd Floor, Natick, MA, 01760