Not only is the Dermcare Cambridge practice the smallest of our four branches, but it is also the youngest, having opened its doors for the first time in 2020. It is located in Middlesex County in the heart of Cambridge, across the Charles River from the state capital, Boston, and close to the prestigious Harvard University and Mount Auburn Hospital. This area is known for being a hub for tourism, education, politics, and biotechnology. The Dermcare Cambridge branch is easily accessible using the local public transport network known as ‘The T’.

What we treat

Whether you are looking for a pediatric dermatologist or someone with a solution for your sunspots, the Dermcare Cambridge branch can certainly help! We offer all general dermatological care for the whole family, from rashes to rosacea.

This facility doesn’t only treat skin problems. We also offer aesthetic, or cosmetic, dermatology. We use top-grade injectables and guarantee natural results.

The team

Being our smallest office, the Dermcare Cambridge branch is overseen by Helen Raynham, M.D. Other skin specialists make appearances to treat patients when needed.

Visit us

Are you looking for dermatological care for yourself or a family member in the Cambridge vicinity?

For the safety of yourself and everyone at the practice, we have strict COVID-19 hygiene protocols in place. Are you in the high-risk category? Our telehealth provider, Dr. Rosenthal, offers virtual teledermatology appointments so that you can be diagnosed from the comfort and safety of your home.

Want to restore your skin’s radiance or seek treatment for a specific concern or condition? Book an appointment online <embed the book an appointment link> or give us a call on 617- 465-0060. Our team is here to help!

Address: 777 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, MA, 02138