We’ve all been there – seeing someone with thick, full lashes and feeling a pang of jealousy that we didn’t win that particular genetic lottery.

But with the help of cosmetics and cosmetic dermatology, you don’t have to be stuck with short lashes forever. In fact, there are several good options if you want that wide-eyed, luscious look.

Be Gentle on Them

If you excessively rub your eyes, or you’re too heavy-handed with your makeup remover, you could be killing your chances at long lashes. Eyelashes are delicate, and any unnecessary roughness on them can make them fall right out – before they grow to their full potential.

We know that coating them in mascara is an easy way to make you feel more confident with what you have. But be extra cautious when it comes time to remove makeup. Extra pulling and tugging at the eye area will result in seeing lashes in the sink instead of attached to your lids.

Over-the-Counter Serums

These OTC treatments offer a variety of vitamins and compounds designed to promote hair growth, including in the eyelash area. But do they work?

The jury is still out on this one – some people see great results, while others notice little to no change. Most of these serums are not FDA approved and don’t necessarily have the science to back up their claims.

So your mileage may vary, but with some trial and error, you might find one works wonders for your eyelash growth.

Eyelash Extensions

Extensions don’t do anything to your actual lashes, but they do enhance their appearance. Lash extensions look best when applied by licensed cosmetologists, so use caution with this option if you’re into DIY.

Eyelash extensions are fibers that are either natural or synthetic. They’re applied with durable glue, meaning they last for weeks.

If you use them too often or continuously, there is some risk to your real lashes. Exposure to the adhesives and the fibers themselves can also cause irritation. So in the long term, extensions might be counterproductive in your quest for longer lashes.

Prescription Strength Treatments

OTC serums aren’t the only topical medication that can help give your lashes a boost. But prescription-grade treatments are more likely to yield noticeable results. Longer, darker, and thicker lashes are all things you can expect from using a prescription lash treatment.

If you’re looking for something more tried, tested, and true than a drugstore serum, products like Latisse can become your holy grail treatment. Since it’s a stronger alternative, it requires a dermatologist or other medical professional’s prescription. Speak with a board-certified dermatologist to help you decide if it’s a treatment you’ll benefit from.

The Right Vitamins

Some vitamins and supplements can help improve lash growth, and keep healthy what you already have. Vitamin E, Biotin, and vitamin C are all things that can have a positive effect on your eyelashes.

Alternatively, many wellness brands are offering supplement formulas specific to hair health. You can find anything from B vitamins to traditional Chinese herbs in the ingredients.

How effective are they? Like with OTC serums, results depend on the individual. It might take some experimenting to find one that produces results for you. And you’ll have to do your homework to make sure they don’t interact with any medications you’re taking.

Which is Best?

It comes down to your expectations, and how permanent you want your results to be. Maybe you’re not ready to commit to a daily routine of vitamins or applying serums. But if you’re in for the long haul – that is, real, noticeable results – a prescription is your best bet. If you’d like to discuss this further, click here to speak to one of our experts.