Dry, flaky lips go hand-in-hand with the chilly winter weather. Here’s how to keep them soft and smooth all season long

Winter can be a magical, snow-filled time of year, but this season can take a toll on your skin. The cold, crisp air can make skin dry and dehydrated, with many people experiencing chapped, flaky lips during this period. Keeping them moisturized by apply lip balm regularly is one way to keep them healthy, but there are other ways to keep them healthy that don’t involve slathering on a pile of products.

Here are five tips for keeping your lips soft and smooth – no balm required!

Stop licking them

The first instinct we have when our lips feel dry is to add moisture by licking them. But this can actually aggravate the problem. The enzymes found in our saliva are powerful and can be irritating to an already-compromised skin barrier.

Stay hydrated

Winter might not be the easiest season to chug down the recommended amount of water each day. But staying hydrated on the inside means that your skin – the body’s largest organ – is hydrated, too, which will help to prevent your lips from drying out.

Exfoliate regularly

While harsh, granular exfoliants can cause damaging micro-abrasions on the skin, our lips heal more quickly and can benefit from the occasional scrub. Buy one in stores, or follow this video to make some using common household ingredients.

Turn on the humidifier

Our indoor heating systems have a tendency to dry out the air, leaving it with little moisture in the environment to keep your skin hydrated. Counteract this by sleeping with a humidifier on to add back the lost moisture and keep your skin supple.

Avoid harsh ingredients

Some popular beauty products, such as matte lipstick and plumping gloss, can make lips even drier, so pack them away until the summer. Certain lip balm flavor additives, such as menthol, mint and camphor, can also be too harsh for skin that is raw and sensitive.


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